Tacronome™️ Stage Metronome (Retired)

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Perhaps not the first, but still one of the most capable stage metronomes that have been produced. Tacronome combines an analog tap output, a visual click output, an audio click output, and a MIDI output including synchronized clock all in one double-wide foot pedal.

Tacronome is used by musicians in very different ways. Some guitarists with mostly analog workflows use Tacronome to pipe in tempos to their delay pedals. Other guitarists with MIDI workflows use it to synchronize tempos via MIDI clock, as well as change presets or parameters on their pedals between songs. Band leaders use the visual click light to pick up the tempo before the song starts, and the audio click output to pump a click into the in-ears. The design of Tacronome allows the click to be easily toggled mid-song, so if the band loses it, you can hit the stop, and then on the next downbeat hit the start again to get the band back on the click.

Key Specs

  • 2 analog tap outputs

  • 1x1 MIDI port

  • Stereo output works with headphones or DI

  • 200 presets with up to 70 character names

  • Each preset also has three MIDI scripts with up to 10 messages each, triggered by patch load, start, and stop

  • Configurable subdivisions on analog outputs per preset

  • Configurable high and low accent tones and blinks per preset

  • 9-12v universal polarity power input