about us

Expertise from copper to browser. Connecting things to the Internet and using the Internet to bring software to things.

We like making cool stuff. Sometimes we work on our ideas, and sometimes we work on your ideas. Sometimes we work at our office, and sometimes we work at yours.

Our experience is truly full stack, starting from the bare circuit board. Hi-Z Labs is renowned for delivering products that meet the spec with panache.

Partner with us for your next device, customer portal, systems integration, mobile app, or cloud migration, or if you need some extra help with a project or problem that you're already managing.

Hi-Z Labs is a small business in Northeast Wisconsin with an eclectic mix of talents and focuses.

Technology consulting makes up more than half of what keeps the lights on and pays our mortgages and feeds our families. But most of any profit ends up back in the company to develop various products for musicians and bands, such as Tacronome, and also to publish books (coming soon!).