Our Services


.NET Development

Get help adding features your ASP.NET MVC applications or creating new web applications. Our developers can hit the ground running on your code. We are well-versed in TFS/VSTS and Azure and on-premesis deployments. #using System.Web.Mvc

Systems Administration

We can help with Linux, Windows Server and VMWare systems as well as pretty much anything network-related. vi /etc/passwd

Mobile Application Development

Building on our .NET expertise, we use Xamarin to deliver slick cross-platform experiences that come together quickly. <StackLayout />


Embedded Linux Development

Our team has experience developing Linux kernel drivers and making images with the Yocto Project and with Buildroot, as well as sharp and reliable UI software with Qt. if(ret) return -EAGAIN

Digital Design and prototyping

When it comes to making whiz-bang devices for the IoT, we have what you need. Our designs are based on Samsung ARTIK modules to get big capabilities for low R&D and conformance testing fees. We can turn your idea into a prototype in your hand. τ=RC

FreeRtos Development

For bare metal or real-time requirements we can do FreeRTOS. We have experience on Freescale and STM32 silicon. vTaskDelete(NULL)