Our Capabilities


The Crew

Aaron Heise and Joel Buehner bring a wealth of industry experience to Hi-Z Labs. From CNC machines large or small. From tabletop three axis machining to industrial grade multi-axis machining centers. With expertise in software development and design, sales and client relations and general shop knowledge, we feel confident in our ability to work with our partners to turn their plans into reality. Hi-Z Labs has a reputation for precision CNC milling. We offer the latest technology from design to inspection and delivery. We are continually adding new equipment to improve upon the quality and efficiency of our capabilities. 


The Workhorses

HAAS VF-4SS with a medium to large work envelope. This amazing machine is state of the art with the capability to machine virtually any type of plastic, polycarbonate, and acrylic. Beyond that it can machine any type of aluminum, steel, and even titanium.

We added the TR200Y trunnion to the machine late last year (Check out our install video https://fb.watch/7yziN9q3tb/). The trunnion allows us to do five axis work with complex designs.

The addition of the Formlabs Form 3 printer was initially to add the ability to make complex fixtures for machining without having to take away time on the machine and programming. But it added a whole new industry of services we offer because of its versatility of material and detail. We can make products out of ABS like plastics, modeling resins, biological and medical grade products, and even ceramic. We also produce prototypes for new products and molds for injection molders and inserts.

Keyence CMM with handheld probe
Keyence CMM with handheld probe to aid in the inspection process. The typical method that has been used for years for inspection has been tape measures, calipers, and micrometers. We absolutely use them but, in a world where manufactured parts are becoming increasingly complex, the use of state of the art inspection equipment is a necessity to maintain quality. This machine allows us to measure any part we make no matter how small or large. It allows us to machine and inspect large quantities faster and more efficiently without sacrificing quality or driving up the cost.

The Certifications

ITAR Registered

ISO 9001 Compliant